The EURUSD gapped up to open the week on Sunday and promptly closed the gap on Monday.  The pair drifted higher in New York to about the midpoint of its opening range.  Looking at the bigger picture.  It appears the pair may be in a range for the beginning of the week baring any surprises from Greece or Spain.  Support is created by daily price support at 1.2650 and the year to date low at 1.2625.  Resistance is created at the .382 from the may 1 highs at 1.2886 and the 1.29 price level.  This creates a range between 1.29/1.2885 and 1.2650/25.  The 1.2815 level could act as pivot in the mean time.  Look at this range levels as possible entry points.

Sup  1.2625/25

Res  1.2886/1.29