The EURUSD can not find a bounce these days.  In Early New York trading rumors were circulating of a possible announcement of an organized multi-national central bank intervention but these rumors turned out to be just rumors.  Once North American trading began the pair dropped for the remainder of the day.  We may see a bit of profit taking into the end of the week, which could produce a bounce.  daily price support begins at 1.2515 but I would rather focus on long-term daily support at 1.2480.  The pair is in deep water now and any support zone until the 1.2150 is really a fib extension, such as the 1.272 fib at 1.2388 resent lows.  Not great for trading.  Resistance is at 1.2625.

Sup     1.2515                 1.2480

Res     1.2625