The pound started trading in North America near its lows of the week.  Then out of no where the pair changed from mild-mannered English gent to a mild-mannered supper hero.  The GBPUSD moved up over 100 pips in early New York trading.  The move is interesting because the catalyst is a bit of a mystery.  Low volume short squeeze is the standard line.  Regardless of the cause the cross is finishing the week higher and settling near two-week highs at 1.5575.  This level should act as resistance to start next week.  A push above this point and a run up towards the 1.5650/60 zone could be in the cards.  Daily price support begins at 1.5460.

Sup           1.5460

Res            1.5575

Plan:    1.5575 is the pivot.  A break higher favors longs towards 1.5650.