The current slow and wondering path of this pair reminds me of The Doors song, "The End".  In that song Jim Morrison describes a cold and wondering snake that destroys anything that shows it fear.  This pair current path seems to be a directionless journey through uncertainty.  Enough of that, here are the details.  The NZDUSD has bounced from the lows in Asian trading Wednesday around .8120 and appears to be attempting a rally towards the .82/.8235 area.  Any move up to this level could find sellers.  If the pair manages to break below the daily lows a move back down to consolidation support at .8060 could be in the cards.

Sup          .8120            .8060

Res          .8235

Keane Insight:   Hasn't followed through with ascending trend line break.  Could retest around .8235.  AUD data could influence.


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