The AUDUSD has been a lazy pair over the last few days.  The cross opened the week at 1.0561 and is currently trading at 1.0564.  The pair has traveling in about a 50 pip range.  Things may be about to change.  At 1:30 GMT the AUD Employment Report is scheduled to be released.  Economist are looking for 10K jobs to be added and an unemployment rate around 5.3%.  The gravy could be in the details with full-time jobs expected to fall 33.5K and part-time jobs expected to advance by 6.6K.   A better than expected report could send the pair up towards the 1.0630 level.  If the cross can gain traction above its ascending trend line the pair could make a run towards yearly highs over the next few weeks.  If the data disappoints, a move towards trend line support at 1.0435 could play out.  Data will also be dropping out of China that could impact this cross.  CNY Consumer Prices  1.7%, Fixed Assets  20.6%, Industrial Production  10.4% and Retail Sales 14.3% are due at 5:30 GMT.

Sup   1.0435

Res   1.06/.0630

Keane Insight:  Watch Employment and China Data for direction.  Better than expected jobs could push the pair above channel support.


AUD Employment         10K              5.3%            Part Time   6.6K               Fill Time   -33.5K

CNY Consumer Prices                 1.7%

Fixed Assets                       20.6%

Industrial Production       10.4%

Retail Sales                           14.3%

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